Load Builder

With a variety of different options available to today’s shippers, choosing the right carrier can be a time-consuming process. Cargo Crunch provides a centralized means to find carriers based on your business needs. Shipping decisions can be made based on lowest cost, fastest delivery and corporate routing requirements.

Easily build your load by accessing our sophisticated rating engine to access online rating and cost comparison with the actual carrier rates. Once origin, destination and weight have been entered, the data will run through your carrier rates and routing guide to identify which carriers can be used for each shipment. Cost and transit time will be reflected for each carrier. Customers can then choose a carrier to ship the load based on price and delivery time requirements. Class or stop-offs can also be entered based on the terms of the contract with the carrier.

Benefits include:

  • Centralized management of routing guide
  • Carrier selection based upon additional routing requirements, past carrier performance, equipment type and availability
  • Interactive rate shopper for individual shipments via the Internet
  • Least cost carrier based on existing carrier tariffs and transit time requirements
  • Printable routing maps