Free Shipping Software

Transportation applications on the cloud

Cargo Crunch provides the online tools to automate and manage your shipment life cycle through load building, load tendering, load board management and track and trace. This software automates what have traditionally been manual, labor-intensive transportation functions.

We offer customers the customization, flexibility, speed and overall functionality to get the most out of any transportation management system.

Load Builder

>> Choose the best carrier for your load based on your shipping criteria, such as lowest cost, fastest delivery and routing needs.
>> Read more about Load Builder.

Load Tendering

>> Automatically import data from Load Builder, generate BOL’s and receive electronic notifications.
>> Read more about Load Tendering.

Load Board Management

>> View statuses of shipments and loads.
>> Read more about Load Board Management.

Track and Trace

>> Track and trace details of all shipments with automatic notifications for late shipments.
>> Read more about Track and Trace.

For more information about our free freight services for qualified clients, please visit the Shipping Software FAQ.