Freight Payment FAQ

Why does my business need Freight Payment?

>> Managing freight bills is a highly specialized skill. Cargo Crunch offers the experts and the tools to manage complex data, including free data warehousing and cloud access to all freight invoices.

Why should I choose Cargo Crunch’s freight services?

>> Our Freight Payment services were developed by our partner, CTSI-Global, a world-class supply chain solutions provider.

CTSI-Global has been in the business of freight bill payment, pre-audit, post-audit and related services since its founding in 1955.

Why do you offer free freight bill services?

>> These supply chain resources could require too much investment to be practical for most small businesses, so we offer them free through our partner, CTSI-Global, which was founded in Memphis.

Free? Or “free trial”?

>> Our Freight Payment is not a free trial. We offer it free to qualified freight brokerage clients to thank them for their business.

How can I crunch my cargo with your services?

>> Request a demo to shape up your shipping.