Freight Brokerage

Right carrier, right price

Cargo Crunch has the reputation of being a fair and knowledgeable negotiator with carriers. We use our knowledge of the logistics industry and our customers’ unique shipping characteristics to your advantage.

Our experienced management staff assures that expected rates and service levels are communicated and understood by all participating carriers and is able to lock in great freight rates.

We have experience with over 10,000 carriers and hundreds of customers utilizing various shipping patterns. Using this information as well as general transportation expertise, we are in a unique position to help get the rates that our clients should be paying for various freight movements. Additionally, we are a privately held company without any obligations to any freight carrier — thus, our only goal is to provide the best match of carrier using only the customer’s needs as guidelines.

Keep your business on the road to success

We are confident that these solutions will turn your specific transportation elements into a competitive advantage and can have an immediate positive impact in meeting your objectives while lowering your transportation costs.

We feel that the expertise and relationships Cargo Crunch has in both the industry and transportation management areas invaluable in meeting your short- and long-term goals.

Crunch your cargo for reliable carriers with great freight rates.