About Us

Cargo Crunch is a logistics service provider (LSP) that offers freight brokerage services, shipping software and freight payment services.

Transportation management is a highly detailed, complex process. Because of everything it touches, transportation represents one of the largest controllable costs in the supply chain. Managed strategically, it can also be a powerful opportunity to improve customer service. Whether your needs are operational, tactical or strategic in nature, Cargo Crunch can design a process for your business.

We work closely with customers to understand needs, analyze logistics functions, get the right carrier at the right price, improve service and achieve savings (often 10-20%!) for customers with similar logistics characteristics and challenges. Cargo Crunch acts as an extension of your logistics department in providing you the tools and services necessary to execute your strategy going forward.

Cargo Crunch negotiates rates based on the volumes of our customer base. This helps small businesses get great freight rates that would otherwise be reserved for larger companies with more frequent shipments.

When you partner with Cargo Crunch for freight brokerage, your business can receive another valuable offer — our proprietary, sophisticated, industry-focused bundle of free software and services!* These cutting-edge technologies and proven services would typically cost thousands annually, practical only for large Fortune 500 corporations or regional giants.

Cargo Crunch is affiliated and powered by CTSI-Global, a 58-year-old world-class supply chain solutions provider based in Memphis. This alliance means that any company signing up for Cargo Crunch will have not only the security of knowing that it is in the hands of a reliable freight broker but also the backing of one of the industry’s largest rate engines that could reduce their transportation costs by 10-20%!

Cut your overhead, and start adding to your bottom line in weeks. Automate processes and increase your company’s ability to manage complicated data.

Call us today at 1-855-66-CARGO to crunch your cargo for immediate results and maximum savings!

* Available to qualified clients