Operation Safe Highways: Tennessee truckers weigh in against terrorism

Professional truck drivers have been dispatched on a route toward greater safety for all Tennesseans, reported WREG.

Truck drivers as safety risks

At a weigh station on I-40, Tennessee Highway Patrol conducted a surprise inspection of tractor-trailers. Troopers looked for signs of safety violations, such as overweight loads, and criminal activity, such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and terrorism.

Truck drivers as safety reporters

At the same time, Tennessee Safety and Homeland Security Commissioner Bill Gibbons asked truckers to be “the partners of law enforcement… the eyes and ears of law enforcement.” Truckers were given flyers detailing suspicious activities to look for and report.

According to Knoxville News Sentinel, drivers across Tennessee can report tips about suspicious highway activities by calling TBI at 1-877-250-2333.

M126 Chevrolet Caprice - USA Tennessee Highway Patrol

Image by Dave Conner

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